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Timo Boll at SPiN

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 07:04 PM
Written by SPiN Standard

One should expect nothing but fierce competition to be etched on the face of one of the world’s finest table tennis players while he’s working his craft at the table.

Unless you’re a spectator in a Timo Boll center court thriller.

Boll connects the paddle to the ball with such debonair; it’s like an autonomic mechanism that comes to him as naturally as breathing. At least that’s what the constant smile on his face suggests.

Not to be confused with a global leader in cellular networking, Timo Boll’s relevant characteristics have earned him the frequent citing as ‘the Federer of table tennis’ and that might not simply owe to his overt capabilities with the 2.7g, 40mm gas-filled celluloid, ricocheting balls. He’s really hot, too.

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